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SSCV Inc 60th Championship Show - November 2018

Judge: Mrs J Hardy (UK)
Date: November 2018


Christine Sydenham (Shalreign Kennels)
Shalreign Picture Book


Nicole Pearson (Hartly Kennels)
Hartly Keep Commenting

Reserve Dog CC

Nicole Pearson (Hartly Kennels)
Hartly How About That

Reserve Bitch CC

Nicole Pearson (Hartly Kennels)
Hartly Ima Sweet Talker

Baby Puppy Dog

1st Place - LimbunyaLIMBUNYA SANTA CRUZ13 week old sable baby with attractive white blaze. No mistaking his masculinity already for his age and with appealing head and sweet expression. Dark pigmentation enhances his look and gave him the edge over 2nd in expression, he has well defined underjaw and rounded foreface. Ears growing faster than he is at the moment but time will balance this out. Attractive reach of neck with good layback of shoulder – I would prefer a touch more length to upper arm but pleasing proportions with level topline and nicely moulded croup and well turned stifle. Very balanced in development all through for his age and with sufficient bone for his size. Taking it all in his stride and a really happy baby.

2nd Place - Mrs S FoxSHELMANNA REACH FOR THE STARSAnother promising baby of 15 weeks who is clearly already the little showman! Developing a little differently and is currently up on the leg as expected for his age and very well off for bone and substance. Again, really appealed for his masculine expression with super underjaw and with neat ear set and carriage. Well arched neck and pleasing shoulder; again, I would like a touch more length to upper arm but he is still balanced with straight topline, sweep over loin and low set tail. So well schooled and was so steady on the move for his handler. Brightly coloured and so eye- catching with his full white markings.

3rd Place - Nigma KennelsNIGMA WINTERS BARK16 week old sable baby who is a little behind the first two in development for age at present but of very pleasing type. Another masculine in outlook with dark, appealing eye shape and placement, well defined underjaw, correct stop and with nicely rounded foreface. Would prefer a touch more length of shoulder and to neck but upper arm pleasing and he is well proportioned with good body length to height and correct angulation to rear. Abundant puppy coat with long guard hairs promise a wealth of coat for the future. A pleasing type and be interesting to see how he develops on.

Junior Dog

1st Place - N Pearson HARTLY KEEP COMMENTINGOutstanding pale golden sable youngster of just 12 months of age, so masculine in outlook and displaying such gorgeous breed type. Excels in head pattern with long, blunt wedge with dark, well placed, almond shaped eye giving such a melting expression enhanced by dark pigmentation. Smooth, rounded foreface and with well defined underjaw, neatly set and correctly tipped ears which complete his look. Beautifully balanced with correct height to length ratio and so elegant in profile with well arched neck, pleasing front and proportions with well turned stifle and correct, strong bone and substance for his sex and size. Current coat has a slight wave but is of good texture and presented immaculately and to full advantage. So easy on the move with fluid action covering the ground well. Was a tad unsure with a different handler in the challenge but he did enough to warrant his win; I knew he would be difficult to beat the minute I set eyes on him. Congratulations to his breeder/owner. CC, RU Best in Show, Best Op Sex & Best junior in Show.

2nd Place - Mrs R Belak BRASHELLE BACK TO YOUSuper attractive 15 month old blue merle youngster of ideal size and with excellent breed type. Appealed for his refinement in head, correct eye shape and placement and with his expression enhanced further by well placed and carried ears. I would prefer more definition to underjaw but stop is well defined and he is just so masculine and fills the eye so well. Very balanced in outline with good layback of shoulder and sufficient upper arm. Very shapely all through with pleasing rear and with excellent bone and substance for size. Coat of good texture and ground colour is mostly of a clear, silvery blue and well broken. Presentation was excellent and he was handled so well to make the most of his many virtues, he strode out with positive reach and drive. Son of the Open Bitch winner and has inherited much of her quality.

3rd Place - Mrs C Klempel CH CHARMHILL CALLING THE SHOTSAnother quality young man with really handsome and masculine expression, just short of 18 months of age. Dark eye enhanced by excellent pigmentation gives such appeal. Needs to clear in stop and ears are set a touch wider but his head is quality and of good length with flat skull and well defined underjaw. Excels in reach of neck with excellent shoulder and length of upper arm. Slightly longer cast in body proportions compared to the first two and will insist on standing tucked up a touch at the rear. Coat is of pleasing texture and an attractive, pale red gold. Quality boy and it’s easy to see why he holds his title already.

Intermediate Dog

1st Place - Mr S Turner & Mr M Turner & Ms S Glasheen KATAKU IN THE DARKEST NIGHTSuper attractive, 2 year old jet black tricolour who instantly caught my eye for his balance and excellent shape in profile. Such a masculine young man who has room to mature through the head in fill but skull is balanced with well shaped eye, flat skull and of good length with level planes. He is just so elegant in profile with pleasing length to well arched neck and construction is hard to fault all through with correctly angulated forehand and rear. Excellent proportions with correct topline and such clean lines with ideal substance for his age and sex. Colour is a true, intense black and so well presented, he simply sparkled in the sunlight. Movement was very true in all directions with good reach in front and positive drive from the rear. My only wish is that he would stand freely and show himself off to full advantage but a lovely male with so many qualities

2nd Place - Ms L pearson CH LYNDREAM STICKING WITHTHETIMESSuper shapely male of 2 years who was quite the opposite and was only too pleased to make the most of himself. A little shorter coupled than the class winner with appealing, masculine expression. Dark eye but which would benefit from being slightly more almond in shape for perfection and I would prefer less definition in stop but super moulding to head with rounded foreface and expression enhanced by excellent ear set and carriage. Enough neck to carry head proudly into pleasing shoulder placement, upper arm would benefit from a touch more length but excellent topline and rear angulation with elegant sweep over loin. Clean cut, low set and well defined hock joint. Super, well rounded bone gave correct substance and his coat was abundant and of good texture, presented so well. Super drive from the rear on the move

3rd Place - Mrs S Fox CH SHELMANNA BOUND FOR GLORYStriking rich red sable of just under 2 years of age who who presents a balanced and shapely profile with nothing out of proportion. Appeals for his masculine expression with dark, well shaped eye and smooth head with rounded foreface, correctly placed stop and attractive white blaze. Ears set correctly but a little larger than ideal but carried neatly and do not detract from his expression. Well arched neck carries head proudly and shoulder is well laid and of good length. I would prefer a little more length to upper arm but correct and level topline with pleasing proportions giving that balance. Sufficient rear angulation with hock a touch high but with correct substance all through giving such an attractive look overall. There is plenty of time on his side and maturity will improve him even more. Balanced on the move and he covered ground efficiently.

Limit Dog

1st Place - Shalreign Kennels MURRUCE THE ILLUSIONISTExcellent quality male, just 4 years of age and of super breed type. Moulded head of pleasing proportions with flat skull and attractive, dark, well placed eye enhanced by dark pigmentation giving such a sweet and masculine expression. Loved his elegant and flowing outline in profile with super reach of neck, correct length and layback of shoulder with sufficient length to upper arm. His well fitting coat enhanced his elegant shape and he is well bodied all through with good ribs, topline and pleasing angulation to rear with clean cut hock joint. Excellent forward reach on the move; he covered the ground with minimal effort and with drive. Thought him a really worthy male with so much virtue - can’t believe he isn’t title already! Best Limit in Show

Australian Bred Dog

1st Place - Louanda KennelsSUPREME CH LOUANDA LIVIN ONA PRAYERUpstanding and mature male of just under 6 years of age and of pleasing breed type. So appealing with lovely breed type with his dark, well placed eye giving a really masculine, sweet expression. Would prefer a touch more length through the skull but head is balanced and smooth with rounded foreface and with excellent ear carriage. Sufficient neck with super shoulder; would prefer slightly more length to upper arm for perfection but is proportioned well all through with good body and topline. Really well angulated stifle with well let down hock joint and with pleasing substance. His coat is so richly toned and presented immaculately and he is so responsive to his handler who made the very best of him in stance and on the move

2nd Place - Mrs S Fox SUPREME CH SHELMANNA PLAYING FOR KEEPSSuper showy rich red sable of 4years old who is quite similar in head properties, make and shape to the class winner. Masculine outlook with pleasing breed type with attractive eye and ear combination. A little more underjaw would complete the picture but headpiece is smooth and balanced and his expression enhanced by dark pigmentation. Similarly made all through with pleasing layback of shoulder, excellent bone, good body and well turned stifle. Such an eye catching young man with attractive rich red coat presented to full advantage. Moved out well with his handler

3rd Place - Sharndah AUST CH SHELDOW CHARLIE BROWNAnother upstanding male, 3 years of age and of a glorious deep rich red colouring and again, similar in make and shape to the 1st and 2nd placings. Head is smooth with balanced planes but I would prefer a little less depth through the skull and eye could be better placed to give more sweetness overall to his expression but so masculine in outlook. Well arched neck and good should placement. Pleasing body and depth of chest with level topline. Would like a cleaner sweep over loin but well turned behind with clean cut, well defined hock joint and with correct substance for his size. Presented gloriously and coat looked gleaming in the sunshine. Moved with excellent drive.

Bred By Exhibitor Dog

1st Place - N Pearson HARTLY HOW ABOUT THATTop class and upstanding quality young male of beautiful breed type, 20 months old. So attractive in outline and balanced in profile. Head pattern is so appealing with dark eye giving correct sweet and masculine expression, correctly placed stop and skull is flat. Ear set a touch wider than ideal and he was a little reluctant to use them on occasion but when he pulls himself up and is alert, he gives such a handsome, typical outlook. Pleasing neck, shoulder and upper arm combination with super, elegant shape and with excellent topline, sweep over loin with well angled rear. Loved his correct, well rounded bone with excellent substance. Really attractive red gold colour coat enhanced by full collar on show side. Moved as construction suggested; so smooth and effortless. Thrilled to see he is full, older brother to the winning dog from the Junior class – obviously a combination that works! Very well deserved Reserve CC in excellent company.

2nd Place - Shalreign KennelsSHALREIGN PURFECT CHAOS3 year old sable who is an appealing boy with such a handsome outlook. Preferred the classic head quality and proportions of the class winner with a touch more length and refinement but he is certainly all quality with dark eye and pleasing, masculine expression. Lacking a touch in stop for perfection but preferred the ear set and carriage over first placing. Couldn’t match the outline of class winner in neck and upper arm to give that overall balance in profile but with correct topline, elegant sweep over loin and clean cut hock joint. Coat is richly shaded and beautifully presented. Moved out well with purpose and drive.

Open Dog

1st Place - BredByExhibitorDogUK CH AUST CH DANCING TO THE BLUES AT EDGLONIAN (IMP UK)Mature 5 year old blue merle with a grand air of masculinity. Appealed instantly for his elegant outline in profile. Head is refined and well moulded with well rounded foreface. Lacking a little in stop and I would prefer a more level head plane, parallel with muzzle but such an attractive expression head on with two brown, well shaped and placed eyes enhanced by dark pigmentation, set against his rich tan markings and exquisite ear set and carriage. Super well arched neck combined with pleasing layback of shoulder, excellent topline with moulded croup, well angulated rear and low set tail. Correct substance for his size. When something catches his eye across the ring, he adopts a more natural, pulled up pose with head lowered to show off his elegant shape otherwise he can lose his outline and front. Moved with positive drive from the rear and coat could be a clearer, more silvery ground colour but well broken all through and presented immaculately

2nd Place - Mrs S Turner CH MONTAGE ESCAPADEStriking, 6 year old rich red sable boy who presents such a masculine outlook with beautiful dark, well placed eye in refined head enhanced by neat ear set and carriage. Underjaw is sufficiently well defined. Arched neck and good shoulder placement, just preferred the overall outline with neck and upper arm of first placing but still presents an appeal in profile. Slightly longer cast in proportions than the winner but pleasing body and topline with elegant sweep over loin and good turn of stifle. His colour is just beautiful; so richly toned and fitting well, enhanced to perfection with his white markings. Moved efficiently and with drive

3rd Place - Louanda Kennels CH LOUANDA TIME TO DREAMAn upstanding sable showman who gives a very masculine appearance. On examination, he could benefit from more refinement in muzzle as combined with small ears for his size, gives an appearance of being unbalanced in head somewhat but there is still room for maturity as yet and this can only serve to enhance his look. Pleasing arched neck with good layback of shoulder, his topline is excellent and he is sufficient in angulation to rear. Enough bone and substance all through and what a responsive boy he is to his handler. Moved with such purpose and drive from the rear covering good ground. Coat of pleasing texture was well fitting and at 4 years old, I think this boy still has time on his side to mature further in body and coat before we see the very best of him.

Baby Puppy Bitch

1st Place - L Tabbitt AANARA SOLAR FLAIRBeautiful baby of 14 weeks old who simply excels in breed type with gorgeous head and dark, almond shaped eye combined with the neatest of ears. Well defined underjaw and so feminine; with her attractive golden coat enhanced with full white markings, made such a pretty picture. Lovely proportions and neatly put together and very balanced all through at this stage. Learning her trade and moved admirable for such a baby. Quality baby & well deserved Best Baby in Show

2nd Place - Mr R Gartland KIRRIMIST SHADOWS INTH STORMPromising tricolour baby of nearly 17 weeks old. Not the ultra sweet, instant appeal of the class winner at first glance but still full of virtue. Super shape and outline with correct amount of substance for age. Starting to pull out in head so needs to clear in stop now in time but pleasing proportions all through. Good reach of neck and pleasing shoulder assembly and level topline. A little straighter in stifle at present time than class winner but low set and well carried tail really sets the balance. Preferring to play in the grass on this lovely sunny day and who can blame her?! Looks a picture when she took part and showed herself off

3rd Place - Mrs J Kania HARRADEI CAUGHT IN THE MIST Eye catching blue merle baby presented to absolute perfection positively sparkling in the sunshine. Development forward in head at this time with well filled cheeks and very well rounded forface. Almond shaped and well placed eye gives a pleasing expression. Ears are well set but carriage is a little erratic and tight at present but should settle down in time and soften the overall look. Super shape though a little longer cast in development at this time but with good reach of neck, excellent topline and well angled rear. Ground colour is clear and silvery and coat mostly well broken. Handled so well and she is such a super, well schooled showgirl already. Will be interesting to see how she develops over the coming months.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Place - N Pearson HARTLY JEWEL OF FIRESuperior, 7 month old baby of top quality who excels in breed type, shape and outline. So feminine with beautiful dark, almond shaped eye with flat skull and well defined underjaw. Correct level head planes and with neat ear set and carriage. Angulation so pleasing all through though a tad more length needed to upper arm for perfection but is certainly adequate. Such an elegant reach of neck with well balanced proportions and flowing outline finished with gentle sweep over loin. Pleasing and well put together in rear, she is all quality. Needs to concentrate on the job in hand and is quite easily distracted at present but was sympathetically handled to get the very best from her. A daughter of my Reserve CC winning bitch and so like her in so many ways - a real promise for the future, just loved her. Best Minor in Show

2nd Place - Ms M Mathers LINHART SEND THEM MY REGARDSAttractive sable youngster of 7 months with different head pattern at this time. Head is otherwise balanced with attractive eye and ear combination which presents a pretty picture when she pulls it all together and just needs to clear in stop at present. Pleasing for overall shape and preferred the pleasing length of upper arm on this youngster to the class winner. Well arched neck with super topline and with pleasing angulation to rear. Richly toned coat presented to advantage and moved steadily and purposefully with her handler

3rd Place - Mr S Turner & Mr M Turner & Ms S Glasheen KATAKU DARE TO FANTASIZEWell developed 6 month old puppy who is slightly longer cast in body proportions in comparison at this time. Preferred the more feminine appeal of the first two placings but head is balanced with well shaped eye and very well developed foreface. Pleasing reach of neck and shoulder assembly, well bodied for her age and with firm ribs well angled rear. Well off for bone and substance, she moved out well and with pleasing drive. A happy young lady who can be proud of her tail at present but should settle down in time.

Puppy Bitch

1st Place - Louanda Kennels LOUNDA EXCLUSIVE ATTRACTIONClassy puppy of superior breed type and so very feminine in outlook. Refined head with attractive dark, almond shaped and well placed eye and with pleasing definition to underjaw. Super neat ear set and carriage enhance her pretty expression. Really appealed with her flowing outline and elegant balance with pleasing neck and forehand assembly. Well proportioned all through with good angulation to rear and with pleasing bone and substance for size. When she pulls herself together, she really presents a really lovely picture and she moved out well in all directions. At 11 months, she is a quality youngster with a future who just needs to build up her confidence to make the very best of her many virtues. Puppy in show

2nd Place - Ms D Berryman TISMAN SAYOU SAYMEReally intensely coloured 10 month old feminine tricolour of pleasing type with refined head, flat skull and rounded foreface. Slightly longer cast in proportions compared to the class winner but with pleasing reach of neck and good layback of shoulder. Well set back upper arm gave real balance in profile. Topline is level with gentle sweep over the loin and well angulated stifle with correct substance and bone for her age. Colour is correct and of deep, rich black enhanced with clear tan markings which is so attractive. Attentive to her handler and strode out easily and with drive.

3rd Place - Mrs S Dinter SUNLAND SILKEN GOWN (AI)Blue merle youngster of 9 months built on clean lines and another of racier build. Pleasing and well developed head properties; refined, of length and with correctly shaped and placed eye with her expression enhanced by super neat ear set and carriage. Would just prefer a cleaner stop as head looks a little straight through at present but foreface nicely rounded. Loved her well arched neck with pleasing shoulder placement, would prefer a touch more length to upper arm for perfection but pleasing in proportions and has balance with graceful sweep over loin and well turned rear. Ground colour is mostly well broken, clear in colour and coat was presented in style. Moved efficiently and with pleasing drive.

Junior Bitch

1st Place - Louanda Kennels LOUANDA MOONLITE N ROSESUltra feminine 12 month old plain red gold sable with such an appealing head and expression. Head is balanced with beautiful dark and well placed, almond shaped eye gives such a typical outlook and enhanced by the neatest of ears. She simply excels in shape with super, well arched neck and is so well balanced all through with pleasing forehand assembly, straight front with excellent bone and substance, flexible pasterns and flowing outline finishing with low set tail which was very well carried. Perfect, well rounded bone giving correct substance all through, just needs to coat up now and is a super prospect for the future. Covered the ground purposefully and with minimal effort. Quality sheltie

2nd Place - N Pearson JUZVEE SERENDIPITY AT HARTLYAnother well made youngster of appealing make and shape. 14 months old and very well developed all through at this stage. Not quite the ultra femininity of the class winner and a shade larger in stature but pleasing head properties; well moulded and with expressive, dark eye. Ear set could be tighter but does not detract from the whole outlook when she pulls up and is alert. Pleasing neck and shoulder though would prefer a touch more length to upper are for perfection and a little racier in proportions but so well put together. Coat bustle giving appearance of slight rise over loin but well angulated stifle with clean cut hock and a really easy mover, very fluid in action covering the ground with ease

3rd Place - Louanda kennels LOUANDA DANCING INTH MOONLITEAnother 12 month old youngster and a very smart bitch of similar make and shape to 2nd placing but half sister to class winner. Attractive in outlook with appealing head and expression with good head properties though a little more definition of underjaw would enhance. Well arched neck with pleasing shoulder and enough upper arm with straight front and ample substance for her size. Clean lines and moulded croup with well turned rear and low set hock. In sufficient coat for her age, well presented and moved out well. Just preferred the forward reach and positive drive of 2nd placing on the day.

Intermediate Bitch

1st Place - Shalreign Kennels SHALREIGN PICTURE BOOK18 month old, top class sheltie bitch of superior quality. I rarely get goosebumps when I judge but this girl totally takes the eye in all departments and is so correct. Super feminine, moulded quality headpiece with melting expression. To be ultra critical, I would prefer her ears to be carried a little less heavily but no dog is perfect. Pale gold in colour and her expression is only enhanced further with such glorious pigmentation. Totally balanced and elegant in outline, loved her forehand construction enabling such correct forward reach on the move. Nothing out of proportion with excellent topline, well turned rear combined with perfect substance, she just has that extra wow factor. Looks a dream from every angle and her movement is so correct at all paces covering the ground with minimal effort and fluidity. Simply loved her – well deserved CC, Best in Show, Best Intermediate in Show. Made a beautiful match for the dog CC winner. Thank you for bringing her

2nd Place - Ms L Pearson LYNDREAM FLIRTING WITHTHE RESTAn attractive, quality girl with such a pleasing and typical look. Super head with appealing eye and feminine expression. Well arched neck giving a super shape when combined with a well made front. Slightly longer cast overall in appearance especially with such angulation to the rear. At 2 years old, has enough substance for her size and when she is alert, really presents a pleasing picture all through with elegant and flowing outline. Moved out so well with good forward reach and really positive drive from behind. Not the class to be in today but no disgrace standing behind the winner.

3rd Place - Miss D Baker SHELBRONZE SHAKE UP2 year old rich red sable bitch of appeal with pleasing head properties with balanced skull and foreface though stop needs to clear a touch for perfection. Well shaped eye that could benefit from being a shade darker but her expression was enhanced by dark pigmentation and with attractive white blaze. Ears correctly set though having trouble in the wind. Pleasing reach of neck and well laid shoulder. Well proportioned all through with good body, elegant sweep over loin and clean cut rear. In super coat and condition, presented to advantage. Moved out well covering the ground with ease.

Limit Bitch

1st Place - Sharndah LOUANDA MOONBEAMSSuper quality youngster of just 12 months old heading this class. So attractive at first glance with her excellent shape and outline in profile. On the table, loved her beautiful dark eye and her feminine expression with flat skull and neat ear set and carriage. Excels in profile with excellent neck and angulation all through with excellent topline. Has slight shading to muzzle which makes an interesting feature gives some individuality to her and does not detract in any way from her melting expression. Just needing to build on her ring confidence to make the very most of her many assets and she should have a future. Moves so well when she gets into her stride

2nd Place - Mrs D Saltau SHELBRONZE THAT’S STYLEReally pleasing tricolour of quality who instantly caught my eye for her glorious shape and elegant outline. Twenty three months old and is so feminine and appealing in head though giving away a little in stop and eye shape and couldn’t match the melting expression of the class winner but still appeals greatly for her type. Loved her excellent reach of neck and proportions, she is so well balanced all through with pleasing construction and excellent substance for her size. Colour is so intense; a really excellent quality black and very well presented. Made easy work of the ring on the move and a super showgirl making the very best of her attributes

3rd Place - N Pearson HARTLY HOW DEVINEA quality, feminine girl of super breed type and of twenty months old and another sibling to the CC & RCC males. So pleasing in head qualities with well shaped and placed dark eye, flat skull and neat ears to enhance it all giving the desired expression. Pleasing reach of neck with good shoulder and upper arm combination with super, elegant shape and with excellent topline, sweep over loin with well angled rear. Well rounded bone with excellent substance. Beautiful red gold colour coat enhanced by sparkling white markings. Moved as construction suggested; so smooth and effortless. Well angulated at the rear and combined with her body length, gave her the room to much drive and purpose from behind. In pleasing coat and presented to advantage.

Australian Bred Bitch

1st Place - N Pearson HARTLY IM A SWEET TALKERExcellent quality 4 year old sheltie of superb breed type. Really appreciated her head qualities with such lovely moulding to skull, expressive dark, well shaped and placed eye. Beautiful pigmentation really enhances her melting expression especially combined with her pale gold colouring. So feminine with flowing body lines and outline. Super construction fore and aft with well arched neck giving her great presence. Such a pleasing make and shape and attractive, pale gold which was striking when combined with her expression. Shown in excellent body and coat condition. Dam of the Best Minor in Show and it’s easy to see where the quality comes from. Moved so smoothly and with great reach and drive, well deserved Reserve CC & Best Australian Bred in Show. Good luck in obtaining her title

2nd Place - Mrs S K Noblett KUMBIRRA WINTER FIRE3 year old blue merle bitch of quality who catches the eye immediately with her excellent clear, silvery ground colour which is so well broken all through. Pleasing head with appealing expression enhanced by really well set and carried ears. Appreciated her size and substance and she is just so well balanced all through with well arched neck and good layback to shoulder. Would prefer a touch more length to upper arm for complete balance but good body and ribs with level topline and elegant sweep over loin. Well defined stifle and with clean cut hock joint. Can sit into her shoulders sometimes when standing but examines much better on the table than she can make herself look in stance and proving a little difficult for her handler on the move - she needs to get her act together to make the most of her virtues and it was a close decision between 2nd & 3rd.

3rd Place - M Biggs CH BAELOO PEARLS N DIAMONDSQuality, 4 year old tricolour who appeals instantly for her shape and outline in profile. Loved her balance with pleasing angulation all through and is so attractive on the eye with her shapely outlook. Pleasing head type with the neatest of ears – my only criticism is that I would prefer her a tad more femininity in expression but she has so much to offer overall. Elegant in profile with flowing outline, super body and clean lines. Really eye catching with her deep colour enhanced with full white markings. Moves as her construction would suggest and was very positive when covering the ground and with drive. Preferred her overall shape in stance but the femininity of 2nd placing – difficult call as both have much virtue.

Bred By Exhibitor Bitch

1st Place - Louanda Kennels CH LOUANDA FALLEN ANGELUltra feminine, three year old top quality bitch of ideal size and of beautiful breed type. In stance, she is simply so eye catching with such appeal in outline and shape. Dark, well placed eye set in smooth, one piece head with well defined underjaw. Beautiful, well arched neck holding it all proudly and gave her such an air of quality. Would prefer a touch more length to upper arm for perfection but excellent topline and body with correct turn of stifle and low set tail. In such super condition and handled to perfection. Can understand that a fast trot is expected from many judges but a slower trot definitely suited her better as she balanced out in front action and lowered her tail which she carries higher when asked to speed up and deciding factor was that I preferred the easier forward reach of the RCC winner. An absolute picture and such a strong contender for top honours as she is all quality. Best Bred By Exhibitor in Show

2nd Place - Limbunya LIMBUNYA LADY DEMELZAQuality girl once again with really pleasing breed type. At 12 months, she is still maturing through and needs to fill in foreface and skull needs to flatten for perfection but beautiful type and who is such an attractive shape in profile. Sufficient substance at present for her size and a tad larger in size than class winner and could not match her exceptional, ultra feminine expression. Balanced all through with adequate neck, pleasing shoulder assembly with level topline and sufficient turn of stifle, she has plenty of time on her side to mature all through. Coat is of such appealing colour and in typical junior age stage. Be interesting to watch how she develops.

Open Bitch

1st Place - Mrs R Balek CH BRASHELLE GALACTIC CRISISReal quality blue merle of three years who excelled in shape and outline; so eye catching and with nothing out of proportion. Quality head which was well moulded and with well placed eye, one of each colour with flat skull and pleasing underjaw. Correct ear set and carriage enhanced her expression as to be ultra critical, would prefer a tad more almond shape to eye. Excellent neck with super shoulder and upper arm assembly, she is just so elegant all through with perfect balance in profile. Well bodied and with good chest and ribs, level topline and well moulded croup. Pleasing rear angulation with well let down hock joint and with correct, well rounded bone and substance for her sex and size. Coat is mostly well broken with ground colour so silver and clear. Presented immaculately and so well schooled, she simply floated around the ring with such drive without putting a foot wrong. Standing naturally four-square at all times, she worked hard and demanded the class over 2nd placing. Best Open in Show

2nd Place - N Pearson SUP CH HARTLY SHINE ON ME7 year old richly coloured sable of real quality and of beautiful breed type with super dark eye, well moulded head and neatly set and carried ears. Pleasing length of neck giving presence and with good layback of shoulder. Not quite the length of upper arm of the class winner but well proportioned all through with well turned stifle and low set, well carried tail. Again, perfect bone and substance for her ideal size. Coat so beautiful; richly toned in colour and presented immaculately. Such a close decision here as preferred her eye and expression but the overall shape and balance of 1st placing but just showing her age slightly now in look and on the move where she hadn’t quite got the positivity of the class winner but could not deny her many qualities.

3rd Place - Ms J Baker CH MALLARABA MISS MARPLERich red, six year old sable of quality who catches the eye for her glorious deep red colouring combined with her shapely outline. Very appealing expression with pleasing eye and ear combination and rounded foreface. An abundance of head hair gives her the illusion of a slightly receding skull which is accentuated when she holds her ears back but certainly not as appears on examination. When she pulls herself and looks alert, has a well arched neck with pleasing forehand construction with solid, straight front and excellent bone and substance. Loved her balance and proportions all through; she is so well made and in excellent coat and body condition. Moves so positively in all directions. My only ask on the day and for the future is that she be encouraged to stand naturally and work on her ring presence and when something catches her eye, the whole outlook is far more natural and attractive when she does show off her virtues.

Veteran 7-10 Years

1st Place - Trueangel CH TRUEANGEL MISTS OF SKYEVery shapely blue merle of 7.5 years old who fills the eye with her elegant shape in profile. Super refined & moulded head with well shaped and correctly set blue eyes giving a sweet, feminine expression in combination with correctly set and carried ears. Appealing outline in profile with correct shoulder placement, balance and substance, level topline and pleasing angulation all through. In full bloom and well broken coat still holding its clear colouration and presented so beautifully, she looked a picture moving out so well around the ring with reach and drive. Shown in excellent body and condition.

Veteran 10+ Years

1st Place - Miss L Berrill SUP CH SHELMANNA ZULU MOONBEAMS 13.5 years and still looking very much the showgirl! Appealing head and expression with well shaped eye and with alert, well used ears and rounded foreface. Attractive in outline with arched neck and pleasing shoulder, well bodied with good chest and ribs and with correct turn of stifle. Loved her substance with well rounded, strong bone but without being overdone in any way. In fitting coat which, despite the patch on one side, is well broken in colour on the other. A shade darker now due to her age as to be expected but a real credit to her owner; present immaculately and in such excellent show condition and giving her all in the ring. Moved out really well with the positivity of a dog half her age.