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Puppy & Adult Sales

Please contact the Puppy Sales Officer for availability:
Margaret WalkerPhone: +61 (03) 9764-4000
Mobile: 0425 784 055
Email: [email protected]

Please contact the Puppy Sales Officer for availability:
Bridget McCuskerMobile: 0417 251 325 (6-9pm)
Email: [email protected]


The club requires and encourages its members to adhere to the code of ethics of Dogs Victoria, that of the SSCV Inc and all the laws relevant to the keeping and breeding of animals. We cannot however guarantee the practices of our members and advise those looking to buy a Shetland Sheepdog to ask their own questions and ensure they are happy with the practices of the individual they are purchasing from.

When looking to buy a Shetland Sheepdog, here are some questions we recommend you ask:
1. What health testing has been done on the puppy and/or parents? (breeding dogs and all puppies being sold must be eye tested by a Veterinary Ophthalmologist - you should ask to site the certificate prior to sale and request a copy be sent home with the puppy/dog)
2. Has the puppy/adult been wormed, vaccinated and microchipped?
3. Where has the puppy/adult been raised?
4. What socialising have they had?
5. Are there any health issues that I should be aware of?

If you have any queries after taking your puppy/dog home or anytime during the life of your pet the first contact should be the breeder. If they are not available then contact the Puppy Sales officer.

Disclaimer : The puppy and adult dog sales are listed with information supplied in good faith by members of the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Victoria Inc. The SSCV Inc takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided, the quality of any breeder (or puppy) advertised or the result of any transaction you make with the breeder.


Breeders listing their puppies/adults with the SSCV Inc puppy and adult sales must be current financial members of the SSCV Inc (and for a minimum of 6 months prior).

To list puppies/adults with the Club, breeders must comply with the following:
1. All conditions of the SSCV Inc, Dogs Victoria, the ANKC and Victorian Government Legislation must be complied with
2. Main or Limited Registration papers must be provided to the purchaser
3. Any puppy or adult for sale must be eye tested by a registered Veterinary Ophthalmologist and a copy of the certificate must be provided to the purchaser
4. Any hereditary or health issues that the breeder is aware of must be disclosed to the purchaser
5. The person listing the puppy/adult must be the registered breeder or registered owner of the dog
6. Microchip form must be supplied to the purchaser